My purpose for LifeThink is pretty self-evident, I would like to assume.  I want us together to think about life.  I want to provide some thoughts that relate to the meaning of life, how to live it better and more wisely, etc.

Well, now I am introducing a very important branch of LifeThink: WordThink.   Is it fair to say that one of the biggest and most important parts of thinking about life is to learn from God’s word about it?  While, hopefully, all things that flow from and are connected with LifeThink will reflect obvious roots in the wisdom of God’s word, not everything will be specifically “Biblical” in the sense of being a direct discussion about a particular passage of the Bible.  But that is what WordThink is for.  This is a place to discuss and think about life in direct and explicit terms of what the Bible has to say about it.  Perhaps there will be topical discussions about issues of life, seeking to know what the Bible has to say about them.  Perhaps there will be discussions of certain Biblical passages that we want to understand better, or discussions of theological concepts for the same reason.  Basically, WordThink is just LifeThink specifically for the Bible.

New blog posts for WordThink will appear on the home page as usual, but they will be categorized for WordThink.  If a discussion on a post becomes large enough, it might become its own page on the blog here under the category of WordThink.  If you want to see the blog posts and discussions specifically for WordThink, just click on the WordThink category on the right sidebar from any page.  Or, just click here.  Check out now our first WordThink blog post, What Is the Point of Romans.

If anyone has thoughts about the Bible, questions about it, or would like to see some discussion of certain passages or themes, here would be a great place to start those.  Just leave a comment below and let us know what your interest is.


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