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When My Kids Ask for Math Help

So here is my confession: I love math. I mean, it excites me and energizes me on a regular basis. And yes, I know that makes me weird to most people. I think I know one of the big reasons … Continue reading

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Without Leaving Home

Here is a day-changing (life-changing?) thought: You can make a difference with your life this very day, and that without even leaving your home.  “How?” you ask.  You have people in your home, don’t you?  There is a chance right … Continue reading

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We All Need Reminders

I am thankful to the Lord that in the last few hours He has reminded me of important priorities in life.  Specifically, I have been reminded in my heart and soul about the importance of spending time with my children … Continue reading

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The Precarious Position of Parents

It has at times occurred to me that parents are placed in a position of some difficulty. By the very nature of things, there is some tension (almost conflict) in our duties. Or at least we will feel this way … Continue reading

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When Overwhelmed With the Hard Work That Is Parenting

“Sometimes parenting is a lot of work.”  I think that the only disagreement I might have from parents about that statement is the inclusion of the word “sometimes.” There is no doubt about it.  Parenting is hard work.  It takes … Continue reading

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All I Do Is Discipline My Kids!

Have you ever felt like all you do is discipline your kids? I learned an important lesson one time about this from my dog.  At a time when I was rather busy, it seemed that my dog (then a puppy) … Continue reading

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