History and Life

Another great category of exploration is the study of history.  I think we can learn a whole lot about life through history.  Whether it be through the study of world history, or of the history of the church, or of our nation, history contains a great storehouse of wisdom waiting to be delved into.  There have been a lot of wise people who have lived over the centuries that can teach us a lot.  And there have been a lot of people who were not so wise, and we can learn a lot from them also.

When we read about history, it can be entertaining.  But I think that it has a greater value even than entertaining us: We ought to learn about life as we read.  And I think we probably do even without trying too hard.  But we will learn even more if we do so intentionally.

It is worth stepping out of our limited culture and age to experience how others saw the world at different places and time.  Reading history is one of the most effective and available ways to do that.

Tell us what period is most interesting to you:


Maybe you have some thoughts about lessons from history that you would like to share here.  Check out the “history” category of posts and leave some comments.

And check out the first real post on history, a little bit about a book on William Bradford.


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