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When My Kids Ask for Math Help

So here is my confession: I love math. I mean, it excites me and energizes me on a regular basis. And yes, I know that makes me weird to most people. I think I know one of the big reasons … Continue reading

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The Lack of Objective Standards in Education

Does anyone believe in standards any longer?  And dare I add the word objective standards?  The sad reality is that our public education system has far too often done away with a commitment to this concept.  The idea that there … Continue reading

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Is Failing the Worst Thing That Can Happen to A Student?

Today’s educational mindset lives in fear of the greatest of all possible evils: Failing a student. This one fear seems to control all the final decisions that are made.  No matter what the other side of things says, there is … Continue reading

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“Public High School Is Like A Sausage Factory”

Here is what I was told by my principal during my first year of teaching in a public school: “High school is like a sausage factory.” You see, I had come to my principal to discuss some of the thoughts … Continue reading

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How To Whet A Student’s Appetite

In reading a little about the life of poet Robert Browning, I ran across a very interesting anecdotal story from his childhood.  While it may not be that we have to follow the method used by Browning’s father here, I … Continue reading

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