About LifeThink and WordThink (The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel)

About LifeThink and WordThink

LifeThink Publications is not a major operation. In fact, The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel is only our second publication. It also is the first work we have put out under our WordThink label. We are just getting started.

Our purpose and goal is fairly simple. LifeThink is a means to distribute literature with a substantive message that helps bring people to a deeper knowledge of truth. There are many areas of truth to explore, of course. When the subject matter for our material focuses more specifically upon the study of God’s word, it comes under the label of WordThink.

We hope that LifeThink Publications will be used by God as a means of impacting people’s lives. If He so desires it to be, He is more than able to bring that about. We will strive always to operate for that purpose and on that basis. May God help us to do so.

If you would like to find out more about us or contact us for any reason, feel free to do so. Look for LifeThink Publications online. We are small, but you can find us by searching for LifeThinkBlog. We would love to hear from you.

If you have any ideas for how we can serve God’s kingdom better through LifeThink, feel free to send them our way. We hope that this book has been a blessing to you and that we can continue to help you think more about life and God’s word.

Another LifeThink Publication:

A Few Thoughts About Life

This short book of poetry is our first published work.  It contains a variety of poems on various subjects about life, various lessons that have impressed themselves upon me over the years.  Each poem has a short reflective thought with it concerning the lesson to be learned, its nature and importance.  The poems are of a variety of styles.  I consider this book to be more about quality than quantity, and I hope that you will agree that, though the size of the book is smaller, the amount of content is not.

A sample from A Few Thoughts About Life:

Oh How Few Men Do Anything Believe!

Oh how few men do anything believe!
Their shoulders of this burden they’ve relieved.
A liberating freedom they’ve achieved,
No longer bound by ought.

Though right and wrong will ever more oppose,
They stand aside and enter not the throes,
Refusing either side to call their foes,
The battle never fought.

For once you say, “’Tis on this side I stand,”
A battle you will find on every hand,
And righteousness will lead too small a band,
Those few who truth have sought.

Determine now if there be such as truth.
Or is that label far too crude, uncouth?
Each man must this decide, indeed, forsooth.
Your soul within is taught.

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