Books by LifeThink

Thanks for coming by and checking out the books that have been published by LifeThink.  We hope that you find them helpful to you in life.  Just click on any of the pictures or titles below to find out more about that book.  You will excerpts, chapters, and sometimes even the whole of the book available online to read or browse.  Enjoy!

A Few Thoughts About Life, Front Cover, downsized (127x200)A Few Thoughts About Life

This short book is our first published work.  It contains a variety of poems on various subjects about life, various lessons that have impressed themselves upon the author over the years.  Each poem has a short reflective thought with it concerning the lesson to be learned, its nature and importance.  The poems are of a variety of styles.  We consider this book to be more about quality than quantity, and we hope that you will agree that, though the size of the book is smaller, the amount of content is not.

The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel, Front Cover Preview (134x200)The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel

The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel is our second published work (very soon to be released). It is a study in the central message of the book of Romans. In it you will see how Paul focuses upon the gospel as the message that brings salvation to the whole of God’s world. Both Jew and Gentile, all of God’s universe (but not every individual in it), is to be saved and redeemed by this glorious truth that has been accomplished in Jesus Christ. From first to last in Romans, Paul focuses upon this fact of the universality of salvation.

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