Pascal’s Pensees

Blaise Pascal was a famous French mathematician and scientist of the 1600’s.  He was also very well known as a Christian thinker in his day.  He was a part of the movement within the Roman Catholic Church known as Jansenism, which had strong sympathies that tended towards the beliefs of Protestants.  Most Protestants find much concord with his writings.

His most famous book is his Pensees, which means, “Thoughts.”  We are going to read it and see if we can learn anything from it.  I hope it is interesting.

We will break the reading up into sections, just to give a general structure to the reading and discussion.  If you don’t follow the given pace exactly, feel free still to enter the discussion, but it seems to me that we have to have at least some way to structure it.  The book is broken down into 13 chapters, plus an appendix that could count as a 14th.  Here is a plan for the timetable of the reading:

Chapters 1-3, by October 17

Chapters 4-7, by October 26

Chapters 8-13, by November 5

As you begin to read, feel free to post thoughts, questions, discussion before these “due dates.”  They are just basic guidelines to keep us on the same time-table in general.

Check out the blog posts as they come, and make your comments there.  Click here to see all the blog posts about this book.  Or choose one of the individual posts below:

Pascal’s Pensees: The Indifference of the Soul to Spiritual Realities

I will be reading a free kindle version of the book that you can download here.

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