I have for years enjoyed writing.  I have always enjoyed reading, as far as I remember.  Ideas conveyed through the written word can be so valuable.  It is a great medium for truth.

As I thought over the years about the possibility of writing for publication, I often asked just what the purpose of it would be.  The answer that usually came to my question was that the most important and useful purpose of writing is to communicate important truth that will change people’s lives.  I believe in the value of truth and its power to change lives.  So, if I was going to write, I wanted it to be something substantive, something that might actually make a difference in people’s lives.  I didn’t want just to write for the sake of filling pages of books.

When I had accumulated a number of poems about the lessons I have learned in life and put them into book form to publish them, I decided to create the publishing name of LifeThink as representing my desire to publish books that truly dealt with the substance of life and helped us to think aright about it.  That is the main goal of my writing.  I hope there is some good fun and even maybe just some wholesome entertainment involved in the process as well, but I hope never to lose sight of that one main focus as primary.

This blog is hopefully just an extension of that purpose and a way to put out more of my thoughts and books for people to use and enjoy.  I hope it helps us connect together to think about life and learn more about it.  If we share the lessons that we learn about how to live, we will all live better.  It seems that most people are so busy just going from day to day that we don’t stop and think enough about how to live this life: What is important?  How should I spend my time and energies?  What is worth my concern?

I hope that I am not the only one who shares ideas on this blog, because then it won’t be a very full picture of life and wisdom.  But if I can engender useful and helpful thought and discussion from others about what they have learned as well, that will be a good thing.  I hope to see readers also become sharers here.

Basically, then, I hope that through writing, I will be able to contribute something to our lives and help us think and learn together.  Check out my first book of poetry about life:  A Few Thoughts About Life.

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