The Earth Will Not Stand Still

The Earth Will Not Stand Still

From my first published volume of poetry: A Few Thoughts About Life


The sun is setting,
The leaves are falling,
Another day, another season comes to end. 

The earth will not stand still.
Its motion never ceases.
The world today has passed away,
and never here again will it be found. 

So is your life: Yesterday is gone, today a fleeting moment, tomorrow rapidly draws near.
Do not dream blindly, thinking things will stay forever as they are. 

Each stage of life is different than the last;
The present never does equate the past. 

Be ready for this change.
Nobody ever has withstood this tide.
Instead of wishing idly for what cannot be kept,
Turn your strength to profit, and prepare for what’s ahead.
No power on earth can resurrect
the past which now is dead.
So looking forward with onward step
follow where you next are led.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

            I have at different stages of my life stopped for a moment and realized that things have changed a lot since a few years ago.  Even though I am pretty young still, my life has changed substantially and passed through different stages.  It can at times spur a longing for what is already past and gone.  But it can also be an exciting thing to see what life is now bringing and will bring ahead.  One thing is sure, that we cannot hold on to the present and keep it from changing.  All we can do is live the life that we now have.  We can try to do something within measure to direct the course of life that we are currently taking, but many things are also out of our control.  In the end, we all must accept change as a part of the nature of life.  We might as well enjoy the stages of life that come to us, one by one, appreciating each unique experience as another step in the journey of life that God grants to us.


About amspencer1984

I am a Christian who desires to serve in God's kingdom in the best way possible. I have served as a foreign missionary in southern Mexico. I have worked as a youth minister at my local church of Grace Baptist in Dickson, TN. I have also recently begun to write books with a desire to help others grow in life. I hope that they are helpful and effective in doing that. I have been married to Alicia Spencer since 2003. We have six children and give thanks to God for all of them.
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