Correct a Child a Thousand Times

From my first published volume of poetry: A Few Thoughts About Life

Correct a Child a Thousand Times

Correct a child a thousand times,
Yet seems ’twill not suffice.
The same next day you will repeat
Once more again – or thrice.
Why is it that they will not learn
To do as they are told?
Do they not know their future course
Kind wisdom needs to mold?
Indeed a child’s ways need mending.
Yet still patient be, remembering,
That once a child you were, too,
And yet are not adult full through.
That were it not for Father’s love
Upon this earth, yet more above,
Repeating lessons patiently,
An infant you’d forever be.

* * * * * * * * *

Sometimes I can grow a bit frustrated at
having to correct my children again and again and
again about the same thing. It seems that they
should learn the first time that I tell them. Or at
least the second. But when I think about how
many times I falter and make the same mistakes
again and again myself, though I know better and
have been taught better, I am given a bit more
patience and understanding with them. And it
makes me to appreciate more God’s love and
patience with us, for He certainly does not grow
impatient with me as quickly as I do with others. I
do need to learn better and fast (and so do my
children), but if patience is taken out of the
picture, it will not be to my advantage.


About amspencer1984

I am a Christian who desires to serve in God's kingdom in the best way possible. I have served as a foreign missionary in southern Mexico. I have worked as a youth minister at my local church of Grace Baptist in Dickson, TN. I have also recently begun to write books with a desire to help others grow in life. I hope that they are helpful and effective in doing that. I have been married to Alicia Spencer since 2003. We have six children and give thanks to God for all of them.
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