Did You Know? What state had two capitals until 1900?

Until 1900, what US state had two capital cities?  See comments for answer.


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3 Responses to Did You Know? What state had two capitals until 1900?

  1. amspencer1984 says:

    Answer: Rhode Island

  2. jclint33 says:

    What? Why? I didn’t know that, which shouldn’t be a great surprise.

  3. amspencer1984 says:

    Here is an interesting explanation of it: http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F50F12F7345F15738DDDAF0994DA405B8584F0D3

    It is interesting to me because it is a letter written from the state governor of Rhode Island to a young school girl who wrote to him about the state’s two capitals. He took the time to answer her. His explanation was that the state originally was two states: Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. When those two states joined together to make one state, both capitals were preserved as a remnant of their two-fold origin. The state legislature met for a long time (I guess that it doesn’t do so any longer) at both of the previous states’ capitals.

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